Thursday, April 17, 2008

Kingdom of Weeds: An Oklahoma Prince Dreams of an All-Indian State

The author wishes for this to be an interactive novel online with reader feedback, and therefore invites comments from Indians on the suggestion--here on this blog-- that now there can be an online 'virtual state' to unite all Native Americans in our hemisphere, so as to provide a powerful political voice. So ideas are welcome at <> Already there are virtual reality re-creations of ancient Native American sites that can be visited as they were. New technology makes it possible for large numbers of Indians to dream together online about a great new future. How about discussion on how a 'virtual' Indian can designed?

This novel begins when a Native American teenager in 1870 and until 1906 dreamt of creating in Oklahoma Territory an all-Indian state with a red star on the American flag. It is a love story, an adventure story, and the story of how a unique punishment turned a teenage dreamer into a successful politician. This is the first novel about those fateful dramatic events in Indian Territory, the Eastern half of the state of Oklahoma now.